Konstantin V. Sharapov
TCM specialist. Doctor of Osteopathy, Ex-President of Russian Register of Osteopaths. One of the first fellows of the Russian Osteopathic Community.
Years of medical and teaching practice, apprenticeship with the world leading osteopathic physicians and TCM masters, constant search for the efficient methods of medical treatment and health improvement – all this gives the reason to consider Konstantin V. Sharapov an experienced practitioner and trainer.
1994 – 1996
— Studied at the Roger Caporossi Higher School of Osteopathy in France.
— Diploma of Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Switzerland.
Since 1997
— Extensive osteopathic practice in Russia, participation in numerous educational programs and seminars in Europe and the USA. Organization of seminars in Russia and abroad.
— Establishment of the St Petersburg Institute of Osteopathy (based on the SPMAPE) – a Founder and a Lecturer.
2004 – 2006
— Completed a course of study at John A. Upledger Institute, the USA. Acted as s Supervisor in Craniosacral Therapy in Russia.
2007 – 2009
— Took a course of study at the Traditional Chinese Medicine School in France.
2008 - 2011
— Completed the program in Biological Decoding of Diseases in France.
2013 -2015
— Studied Osteopathic Posturology in France.
Since 2013 to date
— Has been studying the Classical Chinese Medicine, Holland.
— Graduated from the Leningrad Medical Institute of Sanitary and Hygiene, completed the Internship Program in Therapy.